Bounce Back from your divorce

~Jean J.

"Bonnie's Healing Blueprint
Was A Life Saver For Me!"


Distracting and numbing themselves, in hopes to avoid their divorce trauma, and end-up suffering far too long.

Appling a one-size fits all approach, which ends up failing and leads towards unnecessary emotional suffering

Believing that time heals, hoping and trusting that time will heal

You never guessed your separation would be
so brutally hard and lonely!

You may relate...


Knew your secret sauce, feeling clear on what works for you rather than asking others what you should do

Knew exactly what to do so that you had more energy during your stressful divorce

Felt more prepared with dozens of tools to help you through this divorce process 

Felt emotionally stronger and had more confidence

Just imagine if you...

Imagine how it would feel...

Wouldn't it be amazing to know exactly how
to stop feeling lonely and have more energy ? 

Divorce Healing Blueprint Course


Bounce Back with Bonnie 

It's a one of a kind workshop. Easy to digest and packed full with practical and tangible tools that you will love. This is not a one size fits all. It is completely customized to you and your personality.

What makes the BOUNCE BACK WITH BONNIE: Divorce Healing Blueprint Course different?

let 's do this!

Feel calmer and better equipped to deal with your Ex

Stay focused and concentrate, reducing your stress VERY differently than you have done in the past.

Be more connected and present with your children and friends as you move through your separation and divorce.

Customize coping strategies to your personality, so that you can get past this incredibly difficult times as fast and easy as possible.

You'll learn how to:

What to expect

Honour yourself and prioritize your needs; understand who you are and what you need.

Discover how to refuel your energy, increase your energy so you can do the things you need to do.

Attend to your emotional well-being so that you can be your best self during this incredibly difficult time.

You'll learn how to:

What's Inside

BOUNCE BACK WITH BONNIE:  Your Divorce Healing Blueprint Course

3-hours online - Do it at your own pace!
Learn & customize your healing actions
Fee calmer and equipped to move ahead right away
Reduce the stress you feel


$40 UPGRADE   


5 Day Money Back Guarantee Satisfaction Promised

30-MINUTE  COACHING CALL - dive deep into your Blueprint
Includes INTERACTIVE workbook

($174 VALUE)

Course Reviews


I recently took Bonnie's Separation/Divorce Healing Blueprint course online and found it to be really valuable. It was action-based,  individualized and healing-focused. Bonnie was very professional, open and approachable with a lot of experience in the field. I highly recommend it!
~Elise H.

I feel blessed to have discovered Bonnie Duarte’s supportive services for adjusting to a separation or divorce. She has been a life savior for me. I recently took part in her Divorce Healing Blueprint Course and came away with a list of healing actions to use to support myself. Bonnie did a great job making the most of the time spent together ensuring the learning was individualized and action-oriented. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for growth and healing.
~Jean J.

After doing the course last weekend with Bonnie- all the answers came flooding. I found the answer to the work I needed to do to begin building a home within myself. This course has truly taken my healing process to the next level. I've been talking about the course all week with my friends and colleagues. The concepts are tangible, practical and sustainable to any journey someone is in. Thank you Bonnie- you have made a huge difference in my journey.
~Dena A.

Being a Divorce Healing Coach is not for the faint at heart AND there is nowhere else I'd rather be. Being at the effect of 5 divorces taught me there had to be another way. 

As a 20 year veteran in Life Coaching, Social Service Work and Healing. I have dedicated my career and practice to helping people successfully heal past their divorce pain and trauma. 

Today, I am changing the way we heal and speak about divorce. I teach a step by step process on how-to heal. 

Say goodbye to old outdated ideas. There is a new way... somethings powerful and far easier!

Hi! I'm Bonnie

The Healing Rebel

I am accountable to you, If I say I can do it – I will

time heals all wounds

Divorce myth:

You have tried to follow people's advice but nothing is working.

You want to begin moving forward and stop suffering through your separation and divorce. 

You are willing to try a new approach to healing that is not talk therapy, but instead teaches you the how-to’s of divorce healing. 

You are determined to learn how to heal the right way.

this is for you if... 

BOUNCE BACK WITH BONNIE: Healing Blueprint is right for you if you are feeling the heaviness, sadness and overwhelm with the extreme stress of separating and divorcing.

This is perfect for you if you're looking for solutions that work!

I'd like to upgrade

I Want it all!!


I urge you to do this course because your healing is so much simpler than it appears, if you do not take an action towards your healing soon, in 2 or 3 months from today you will be in the exact same place if not worse. 

Don’t let another day go by before you start your healing journey.

Is this course useful if I still live with my spouse?

Yes, absolutely! The sooner you can take this course the better, this way you have a support structure to help guide you through your separation and divorce journey.
Will this course be enough for me, or will I need more help?

It depends. I invite you to complete the Bounce Back Quiz to see where you fit along the healing spectrum. It’s important to see where you are, simply so that you can choose the right support for yourself. The clearer you are, the better, because this way you will not have unrealistic expectations for your healing. 

Will it work for me? 

If you are unsure if this course will work for you, I get it. I’ve coached hundreds of people through divorce and every single client has benefited from this course. They 100% understand themselves better and see the pathway to reduce divorce stress. What I hear most often is "I wish I knew this before I got married, it is so valuable." Practicing the new skills you’ve learned will energize you.

What if this course isn’t enough and I need one-on-one support?

Many people find this course is enough. While others are either dealing with deeper divorce trauma or simply want to grow and know themselves better – striving to feel more confident, whole, and courageous – I highly recommend taking this course to start. Many people then choose to take the Bounce Back Method: Level 2 to focus on how to heal through divorce.

Have Questions? I've got answers.

How is the First Step different from Second Step?

First Step teaches you how to uncover your Stress-Reducing Blueprint - this is key and an essential element to the Bounce Back From Divorce Healing Method. It identifies all of the hidden harmful things you are unknowingly doing that are increasing divorce overwhelm and stress, while providing you with clear, tangible, and achievable individualized action to decrease your divorce overwhelm and stress. This is a complete course in and of itself, and, it is also the first step to the entire Method to Healing process. 

Second Step teaches you how to HEAL. There is a Method to Healing through your divorce and the Stress-Reducing Blueprint is a piece to this healing puzzle.

I don’t want to take the Bounce Back Method courses, I prefer private coaching. 

You are a lot like me, I hear you loud and clear! I’ve actually been teaching the Bounce Back Method for several years privately, so this is definitely where it was birthed. But after years of teaching this, I realized I was saying the same thing over and over again, and that there had to be another way to support my clients so they would both get all of the essential knowledge they need to heal and move forward, and also given  most of what I was teaching was repeatable, it was a shame to be charging $200 an hour to teach this. When I could make this far more accessible to more people at a far more affordable rate. Now, for my private clients we can work together and uncover the issues that are truly unique to your healing; ultimately you now get double the resources with me and accelerate your healing process. It’s a huge win-win for everyone.

I simply can’t afford to pay anything. 

I offer a scholarship for people truly in need. If you are in an extenuating financial challenge and right now you simply cannot afford to pay, I want you to know I would like to support you. Email me for an application.